Top 10 Perfumes

Vacations and the bright warm sunshine. Light flying cloth, tanned legs, sunglasses
and tender, juicy, but unobtrusive flavor. That is the way we cherish the anticipation of spicy
hot summer.

For us it is not just a time of year, but the period of life when the surrounding reality is perceived brighter, more festive and romantic. We hasten to wear light colourful clothes, and and feel the beauty of the nature even in the big city at least at the level of senses.

Top 10 Perfumes
Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Not by chance a special place in this game take up flavors. The fragrances reveal much more intensively in hot weather than in the cold season, so we should choose the fragrance for hot days very seriously. So today we present you Top 10 Perfumes in 2010.

In summer we prefer light, pleasant, lovely and tender perfumes. And we are fascinated by the combinations of grapefruit, freesia, apple and cherry blossoms, roses, jasmine, violet, fuchsia, ocher and other fresh floral aromas.

Perfume houses present to us special summer fragrances. A lot of them are variations of the well-known perfumes, such as Incanto Bloom, Salvatore Ferragamo or Love by Nina, Nina Ricci. In such fragrances the perfumers stress just on a few fresh notes. Many fashion houses produce such aromas on the one season limited edition and the next summer they present something new.

And very often all the fresh and floral aromas are called summer fragrances. Though they are sold year round, but in the summer are particularly relevant. They are, for example, Femme, Rochas, Rive Gauche, Yves Saint Laurent or Anais Anais, Cacharel.

In Top 10 Perfumes we’ve chosen the best fragrances that the most fashionable perfume houses presented to us this summer.

Top 10 Perfumes

The aromas which will distinguish you - so sparkling and elegant, chic and light, beautiful and so gorgeous woman.

All these perfumes in our Top 10 Perfumes are deep and very feminine, they will underline your individuality and charm.