Top 10 Perfumes. No. 7: Nina Ricci Love by Nina

Nina Ricci has always pleased her fans wih gorgeous, interesting, fasionable and
unforgettable aromas.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 7: Nina Ricci Love by Nina

Her house of Nina Ricci opened this spring with the new limited edition, dedicated it to her famous fragrance Nina. The new romantic aroma has got a poetic name “Love by Nina”. Perfumer Olivier Cresp altered a bit the original version, he used crisp shades of green "Granny" as the dominant notes in stad of red apple, added to this perfume a breath of spring and heady air of blooming garden. Exquisite freshness of the apples intertwined with a delicate aroma of cherry blossoms and a delicious almond cake, turning into a cheerful, tender composition, filled with love and affection.

This aroma No.7 in our Top 10 Perfumes is addressed to the young urban romantic woman, which wants to leave
behind a dizzying trail and romantic memories. The woman which likes to be in a

Composition: the fragrance opens with Green Apple Granny . The floral heart offers the intertwining of notes of flowers franzhipani and cherry blossoms. Almond adds depth and natural femininity to this flavor. It was made for the woman which is loved and is not afraid to show her feelings. The woman, which is full of new ideas, young daring, whose boundless imagination, and the idea of success has no boundaries.

Top 10 Perfumes. No. 7: Nina Ricci Love by Nina

This perfume is a really spring aroma, full of love and pleasure. It fills the world with colours, warmth, tenderness and love. It teases, delights, it isgorgeous, breathtaking and admirable.

This fragrance is for the lady, filled with love and affection, a woman whose light footsteps sound like the first trickles of the light spring stream,woman, which brings the world back to life after long dull winter fills it with spring freshness, purity and life. Attractive, natural and deep, this perfume was created for the real Queen.

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