Top 10 Perfumes. No. 6: Guerlain Insolence Blooming

There is a little cult of the fragrances of the house Guerlain. This summer fans can enjoy new flavors of the famous Insolence.
Continuing the tradition of the issuance of special summer version of Insolence, this summer the brand introduced a new perfume called Insolence Blooming. The creators describe the new fragrance as “a sparkling floral”, they underline accents of violet, sensual iris and red berries.

The first impression that Guerlain Insolence Blooming makes is that the lady which wears this fragrance is a lovely and innocent girl. But few minutes later you feel unexpected, uncompromising, irreverent and free aroma. The aroma of passionate, tender, mysterious woman. The aroma that destroys the idea of the classic perfumes. It has no "head notes" and since the first chord it opens its "heart", made up of notes of violets. Other key ingredients of this composition are the red berries (especially raspberries, notes that are for the first time used in perfumes of the house Guerlain), orange blossoms and also tonka beans, sandalwood, white musk, iris and others.

The perfume Guerlain Insolence Blooming is for the woman which radiates light, breathes life and is able to turn over the world wih one look of her beautiful eyes, with one smile. This fragranceis dedicated to the powerful woman that can control her emotions and gives the meaning to life. Guerlain Insolence Blooming is a a gorgeous note that delights and transforms every second of the life into miracle! Beautiful and inspired, having a strong internal energy, this woman is a master of her fate. So that is ok that it occured on 6-th place in our Top 10 Perfumes.

Guerlain Insolence Blooming is released in a concentration of toilet water in bottles of 50 ml. In addition to the original Insolence, we can see also the number of other flavors including My Insolence, Insolence Eau de Parfum and Insolence Eau Glacee.

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