Top 10 Perfumes. No. 9: Elle Edition Collector, Yves Saint Laurent

As it is known that in hot weather fragrances become stronger and more obsessive, so thinking about summer many perfume houses performed special lightweight versions of the popular and favorite scents . They also present to us a whole new perfumes that are ideal for use in hot weather. Some new fragrances do not contain alcohol, so they are safe to use even on the beach.

Once fasion house Yves Saint Laurent has given his fans a stunning and luxurious fragrance Elle. In 2008 he published the updated version of Elle Intense and Elle Summer Fragrance. The following year, another collection was replenished with the aroma Elle Shocking.

There was no exeption for the fans of the fasion house Yves Saint Laurent in summer 2010: a well-known brend presented a new line of the collector's edition fragrance Elle with its unique fruit and flower sound.
Top 10 perfumes No.9 Perfume Elle Edition Collector is a sunny and carefree song. It conjures up memories of summer vacations and the bright warm sunshine. Light flying cloth, tanned legs, sunglasses and tender, juicy, but unobtrusive flavor. That is the way we cherish the anticipation of spicy hot summer.

The wonderful composition of perfume Elle Edition Collector, Yves Saint Laurent ,opens with wonderful notes of grapefruit. Top note is pink pepper, which is gradually replaced by jasmine. Sophisticated and sensual base reveals the mysterious notes of benzoin and amber.

This cool, crisp and refreshing fragrance is perfect for energetic, impulsive and colorful women.Packaging bottle remained traditional. The sleek and slender bottle of pure glass. It is decorated with summer flowers - violet, fuchsia and ocher, made in watercolor technique. Golden crumb, with which the vial is sprinkled, gives luxury to this perfume. It turns out that the design of the bottle is not less bright and sunny than its contents.

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