Top 10 Perfumes. No. 3: Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin

Alber Elbaz, the creative director of the house Lanvin, once has introduced us to his creation named Jeanne. But he could not stop and this summer we can find the updated fragrance named Jeanne La Rose.

 Top 10 Perfumes. No. 3:  Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin

Third place in our Top 10 Perfumes goes to Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin.

Lanvin perfume house presents its new perfume as "more romantic", "more fashionable" than the original version of Jeanne Lanvin. It is more romantic and fashionable version, which is perfect for the elegant, sensual and gentle women.
The new perfume was built on the basic chords of roses. Actually, roses are almost the most popular flowers this summer.

Bulgarian Rose, surrounded by green tincts and sweet notes of black currant combined with musk and cedar will make the image of the woman even more luxurious and graceful, and at the same time glamorous and a bit frivolous.
This perfume does not change the traditions that were laid several decades ago, and it does not focus on a specific age or temperament of its owner. It concentrates on the woman who tends to feel soft, light and unique.
In the pyramid of the fragrance we can feel aromas of red currant, raspberry, vetiver, white musk and cedar. This perfume is more glamorous and fashionable than its predecessor. So, it is now in Top 10 Perfumes.

 Top 10 Perfumes. No. 3:  Jeanne la Rose, Lanvin

With the parfume Jeanne La Rose everything in our modern world will be more beautiful and wonderful, and in your soul only a romantic mood will dominate, mainly because you will just love.

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