Top 10 Perfumes. No. 5: "Wild Meadow". Kate Moss

This summer Kate Moss presented her new amazingly beautiful aroma - "Wild Meadow". This novelty is the creation of the British supermodel and Coty. Kate Moss Wild Meadow is intended to disclose the image of the mysterious woman, which can break a man's heart

Limited Edition Wild Meadow opens a new series of perfumes from Kate Moss. This woman is one of the most fashioned and beautiful celebrities in the world so no wonder that fragrance by her appeared in woman's Top 10 Perfumes. The composition was created with perfumer Shyamaloy Mezondyu.

Limited Edition of this fragrance feels warm and bright colors. Freshness, cleanliness, beauty and strength – this lies at the heart of this perfume.

This No.5 Top 10 Perfumes fragrance incorporates original aromas, that give us a sense of clear sky, the sun, and wild flowers. This harmony provides a feeling of hope and peace, as if the sun has given all its diversity, warming the female body after the cold winter. "Wild Meadow". Kate Moss was designed to convey the purity and power of mysterious nature, as well as its freshness. In this perfume each flavor emphasizes the diversity and uniqueness of the woman and fascinates anyone its intoxicating aroma.

Wild Meadow is dedicated to central England, which occupies a special place in the heart of Kate Moss. The base of the perfume is refreshed by aromas of pink grapefruit, bergamot and peach. Top notes are the combination of chords roses, magnolia and honeysuckle. And in the base you feel tones of apple, benzoin and amber.

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