Top 10 Perfumes. No. 10: Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2010

Sexuality, sensations and scandal - these words are permanently used when we speak about one of the most world-famous brands Calvin Klein. And no wonder. An innovator and experimenter Calvin Klein is well-known for his revolutionary ideas. He is considered to be the founder of "unisex" and "military" styles.

Perfume Line Calvin Klein is a continuation of innovations that he started, is a one more facet of the uninhibited nature. His fragrances are the next step to understanding of freedom. Today Calvin Klein brand is one of the most popular objects of mass culture. CK does not leave anyone indifferent.

Traditionally, each year, Calvin Klein produces a new summer version of the fragrance One.
In CK One Summer 2010 warmth sun are placed in a yellow-orange flacon. Joyful and vibrant scent gives sweet and vivid dreams of summer pastimes, creates a magical aura, filled with sunshine dreams and excellent mood. This perfume will underline your sensuality, attractiveness and charm. It is the aroma of passionate, bright, tender and mysterious woman. So, as one of the best summer perfumes it couldn't miss the  Top 10 perfumes.

The aroma reveals fruit and berry notes: pear, tangerine and live energy of lemon. Organically combinating with notes of watermelon, the composition gives rise to fruit cocktail temptations. You can enjoy the wonderful aromas of mandarin, Kaffir lemon zest and pears. Heart notes are violet leaves combined with marigold, calendula. Gentle lily and lemon verbena add depth and natural femininity to this flavor. Sophisticated and sensual base reveals a velvet sound of patchouli, opluent notes of cedar and vetiver notes of silk. This perfume gives the sence of the first touch of the sun to your skin. It is a really fascinating aroma, full of love and pleasure. It fills the world with colours, delight, tenderness and love. It teases, charms, it is gorgeous, breathtaking and admirable.

This sensual fragrance was created for the modern young lady with impeccable taste and sense of beauty.